Welcome! I'm Maru, the founder of Studio Mer. This brand design studio came to life after countless of hours dreaming about working full-time on something I was passionate about. A few years back, I finally took the leap to pursue that dream an haven't looked back since.

I’m very grateful to be able to partner with other creatives to bring their brands to life and I’m thrilled that you are here because I know we can create something unique for your business. 


Over the past years, it has been our mission to help women from all around the world create brands that fulfill their dreams and tell their stories through creative and strategic design.

To us, branding is more than just having a pretty logo. It’s about understanding each business, caring for it, and encourage our clients to builds their brands with confidence. It’s about providing a unique experience that allows them to focus on what they are truly passionate about, without having to worry about anything else. 



We are completely committed to our clients, their business, their vision, and their passions. We treat their business as our own and we care about their success.


We believe that each project represents an incredible opportunity to collaborate with amazing creatives. We value all of our clients and involve them every step of the way. 


Our goal is to provide our clients branding solutions that are not only unique and beautiful, but based in a complete strategy that takes their business to the next level. 


The name Studio Mer was inspired by the word 'sea' in french. Creativity, like the sea, is constantly moving, it's inspiring, and it can lead you to a unique place. It represents perfectly what design means to us and how we approach each project. 

We are grateful and honored to be able to become part of the journey of our clients and we welcome you with open arms to our brand studio. We can’t wait to hear from you, to learn more about your story, and to be able to help you grow your business. 


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