Working From Home: Tips to Create a Routine that Works

The latest world events have forced most people to start working from home these days, something that can be very tricky to manage for a lot of people, as finding out how to be the most efficient can take time and experimentation.

For the last five years, I’ve been working from home running my small design studio and you could say that I have mastered the art of working from home. At first, I have to admit that I was in the ‘working in your pj’s is amazing’ phase, but now I have found the right balance that allows me to complete everything in my to-do list each day.

Today I want to share with you my top 10 tips for working from home in the hopes that it will help you make this transition as smoothly as possible.

1. Wake up a the same time every day

Whether that’s at 6:00 am (not me) or around 8:00 am (me!), try to wake up at the same time every day. This will make it easier for you to create a routine that works for you and to schedule different activities for your day.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to feel pressured to get up at a specific time just because that’s what you ‘should’ do. Everyone is different, so finding what makes you more efficient is key. As long as you complete all of your tasks for the day, follow what feels natural to you.

2. Wear comfortable clothes, but not your pj’s

One of the perks of working from home is without a doubt wearing comfortable clothes. For a while, I tried following the advice of getting ready for work even if you are staying in. The first few days I felt great, but after a couple of weeks, I realized I would rather spend the time I was investing in getting ready in other things, like meditating or journaling.

Sure, it’s nice to get some makeup on every other day, especially if I have a client meeting, but staying comfortable is always better.

I do recommend that you don’t wear your pj’s all day every day. Put together ‘work from home’ outfits that you like instead.

3. Create a workout routine

Making time to work out each day is very important to lower your stress levels, especially if you have a lot going on at home, which is why this tip is included in this list.

Create a workout routine, either in the morning or evening, that helps you relax and stay healthy. You can find amazing workout videos on Youtube these days, just make sure you don’t hurt yourself.

4. Take long and short breaks

When you are working from home is easy to lose track of time, especially if you feel passionate about your job, so don’t forget to take breaks.

There are different ways to do this, but my favorite one is to take a short 5 minutes break after a one hour of focus, then work for 2 hours and take a 15 minutes break following that.

Find what works for you and stick to it. You can follow the classic Pomodoro Technique instead and tweak that around to suit your needs.

5. Limit your snacks intake

Oh the kitchen is so close to your working station! This makes it easy to fall into the habit of eating all day long. Try to limit this by setting a specific time to snack.

For example, you can have a small snack around noon and a couple of hours before dinner. This will keep your energy levels high, without feeling sleepy.

Remember to choose your snacks wisely. It’s all about balance and potions control.

6. Set a time to stop working

Having your laptop nearby and a comfortable working station can make you stay up late more than you used to. Trust me, I’ve been there.

Setting a specific time to stop working is important not only for your wellbeing but to make sure you spend quality time with your loved ones or doing something you enjoy.

7. Use organization and business tools

Downloading apps and tools that help you stay on track with your new working from home routine can be a life-saver.

For example, stay organized by using a project management system such as Asana, which can work whether you are working on your own or with a team. Or the Pomodoro App that will remind you to take breaks during your day.

You can click here to take a look at more of my favorite resources. I use all of them on a daily basis and I can assure you they are absolutely worth trying.

8. Be flexible with your working station

One of the most common tips I hear for working from home is to have a working station set up. This is of course great advice, but remember to be flexible about it.

Some days I feel more focused when working at my desk, other days I feel more inspired working from my couch. Again, it’s all about finding the balance you need.

Find what works for you and don’t feel bad about it!

9. Keep your space organized

Because you are spending more time than usual at home, it’s important to keep your space organized. Spend a few minutes each day cleaning up your home so that you feel comfortable and productive.

Pay extra attention to your working area. For example, if you have a desk you like to use, then make sure you don’t have a lot of clutter going on there as this can make you feel stressed or distracted.

10. Try to enjoy it

This may or may not be a situation you chose for yourself, but whatever the case is, try your best to enjoy it. Focus on the positive of the situation and try to experiment with different tips so that you find the perfect recipe for you.


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