20 Places where you can use your logo to make an impact

After finally getting that beautiful logo design to grow your brand an stand out from the crowd comes the big question: What are some places to use your logo? Whether you are a small business owner or blogger, now is the time to maximize your brand exposure.

From all the branding elements you can have – icons, patterns, illustrations – without a doubt the logo is the most important one. The more you use it, the better chances you have to get recognized by your audience, not to mention that they remember what your services or content is about.

But where to start? Here are 20 places to use your logo to build a recognizable brand.

01. Business Cards

You might think that business cards are no longer popular with all the online resources out there. But there’s something special about exchanging a unique design that introduces your work to potential customers and colleagues.

If you choose to have them, then don’t forget to add your logo, even alternate logos, next to your contact information. For my clients, I usually go with a combination of the main logo on the front and one alternate design on the back.

02. Social Media

Even though it’s ideal to use your photo for on your social media profiles if you are the face of your brand, that doesn’t mean you can’t still use your logo.

You can add it to your covers on Facebook and Twitter, use it on your Instagram posts as watermark and include it in your Pinterest graphics. If you have a Youtube channel, use the banner space to upload your design and don’t forget about your LinkedIn profile.

03. Blog Post Graphics

We’ve talked before about the importance of branding your blog images (read the post here!). Besides including your brand colors and typography to them, you can also use your logo.

To make sure the graphics you create are not too busy, use a small size of your logo or even go with your alternate design. Since these are usually designed in a circle, they might look better in this case.

04. Website

This might sound like an obvious idea, but there are many brands out there that don’t use their logos on their websites, which is a great opportunity to show your brand.

There are several options to use your logo on your website: header, footer, widgets, sidebar and even pages. My favorite is a combination of the header for the primary logo and footer for the alternate design.

05. Favicon

Have you noticed the small icon that appears right next to your URL? That’s the favicon and it’s a must to use your logo there. Most WordPress themes already include a pre-made design but you can still create your own by using a plugin to upload it.

If your logo has illustrations or even icons, the size might be too small and the details will not show correctly. But you can still use your logo by choosing a part of it as your favicon.

06. Media Kit

A key element of collateral design if you collaborate with other bloggers, companies or clients is the media kit. This is the place where you can share your rates, packages or sponsorship details.

Don’t forget about including your logo on the cover or the final page.

07. Thank you Notes

If you offer physical products or even want to show you are grateful to your clients, then having thank you notes is the perfect detail to add to your stationery.

Send them when a customer purchases your products or to welcome a new client. Just as with the business cards, you can choose to use your logo, alternate design or both.

08. Stamps

A really original way to use your logo is having stickers or stamps to seal your envelopes. This detail is classic and elegant which will definitely make a great first impression on your customers, clients or collaborators.

09. Email Signature

If you are in touch regularly with your readers or clients, then you can’t miss the opportunity of adding your logo to your signature. You can do this by inserting it into the bottom of each email and even add your social media information below it.

Don’t forget about your email newsletter as well.

10. Contracts

For service-based business owners and even collaborations between bloggers and companies contracts are usually required. Create a professional look by inserting your logo design at the top of them, generating trust and a cohesive style.

11. Paypal

Did you know that you can add your own logo to Paypal? It’s as simple as going to your profile and clicking on the image option. This works best if you use an alternate logo design since these are usually in a circle.

12. Gravatar

Comment on other blogs and show your branding by adding your logo to your Gravatar account. While sometimes it’s ideal to add your own photo, if you have a team working with you it’s the perfect way to create a consistent branding.

13. Mugs

You can never go wrong with having a mug that showcases your logo design. This is perfect for events, gifts and even just to have your morning coffee to get inspired.

14. Signs and Banners

Have a physical shop or business? Then creating a banner that stands out using your logo design is a must. Potential customers that walk by your shop will remember your unique design.

15. Apparel

Using your logo design on a t-shirt, jackets, caps and other apparel items is a fun way to make the most of it. This is a great way to show you have a professional brand at events and meetups.

If you sell products or are a fashion brand, don’t forget to add it to your shopping bags.

16. Tote Bags

Who doesn’t love a tote bag? They are easy to carry around and the ideal opportunity to use your logo. They are long lasting and is easy for others to see them, making them an ideal promotional article for your brand.

17. Desktop and iPhone Wallpapers

Create unique wallpapers by using your logo and share them with your staff or even blog readers. This doesn’t have to be the central design, it can even be included as a watermark element. The objective here is to increase your brand awareness when someone downloads it.

The objective here is to increase your brand awareness when someone downloads it.

18. Office Decor

Style your office by incorporating your logo design to your decor. You can do this by designing an art print and framing it or even ordering a sign for your wall. This is not only professional and fun, it will also serve as inspiration for the growth of your brand.

You can even print it and add it to a mood board for your home office.

19. Presentations

Have a pitch coming on and need to work on a presentation? Don’t forget to use your logo. By adding it to your first and last slider you can create a professional style.

20. Giveaways

Use your logo on everyday items such as pens, notepads and stationery details to promote your business at different events. This is the perfect way for your audience to keep you in mind even after the event concludes.

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