Get organized: here’s how to use Asana as a solopreneur

When it comes to staying organized as a business owner, having a project management system in place is key to making your life easier. From all the platforms available out there, Asana is for sure one of the most popular options. 

You may have already read about all the amazing benefits you can get from using Asana to work with your team, after all, I think this was why it was originally created for. But what if you are a team of one and still want to make the most of this platform? Let me tell you the great news, there are tons of ways you can use it, stay productive and even have fun while doing it. 

My experience with Asana is very recent. I’ve heard before from talented creatives, like Nesha Designs, talk about how to use it and how many designers even choose it to make the communication with their client easier. To be honest, I never thought about trying it until a few months ago. 

My first thought was to follow the advice of many other designers and get my clients on board for their projects with Asana. Even though it’s very user-friendly and easy to get used to, I understand that it takes time to do so. Instead, I decided to use it to keep track of my own tasks. Trust me, it has made a huge difference. 

Before trying Asana I was using the notes app on my computer and phone, nothing fancy, just effective. While that method worked for me for a long time, it wasn’t quick to set up and I still had to rely on my memory from time to time. 

Often project management systems can be daring…enter Asana. Here are some of the features why it can be the perfect tool for solopreneurs:

Write your tasks quickly and easily

When you are running your business, time is of the essence. You need something quick and easy (bonus points for beautiful) to write your tasks on. Asana offers all of these features in one place. You can simply log in from your web browser or app, enter a task, set a date and that’s it. 

Repeat tasks

This is probably one of my favorite features Asana has. We all have tasks that need to be repeated each week, some even daily such as investing time in social media. With Asana, you can enter a specific time a week or dates you want to repeat a certain task. That way whenever you mark it as complete for the day it will automatically appear again for the date you set it for. How easy is that?

Create Projects for Clients

Whenever I work with a client I send them a PDF file with all the steps we will cover for their project. At the same time, I used to prepare a worksheet in Excel to keep track of our project. Now, with Asana, I simply create a new project with my client’s name and all the steps to follow.

This makes things so easy because I simply enter the task, set a date for it to be completed, add notes and everything else I need is in one place. 

Create templates 

With Asana you can create templates for a specific project in no time. For example, I have templates for my branding, web design and social media projects. These include the steps for each one, so when I book a new client, I simply copy it, add a few tweaks and we are ready to go. 

Invite People

Like I mentioned before, Asana was originally created to work with other people. Even if you are a solopreneur, maybe you have an assistant or someone who helps you every once in a while. With Asana you can choose to invite them over, whether that’s for a specific project or list. This gives you full control of what they can focus on and again, have everything in one place. 

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