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Easy Tips to use Social Media Templates for Your Business


Social media plays a huge role in the success of a business. It’s not enough to only post content here and there though, to be able to make the most of each platform you need to have a strategy in place that allows you to connect to your ideal audience. That’s when using social media templates comes in handy.

Let’s start reviewing some of the benefits of using social media templates for your business:

  1. Creating social media templates for your business helps you save time when posting content. You only need to invest a couple of hours once and then you can edit them when needed in a few minutes.
  2. Using templates allows you to use your branding to stand out from the crowd, making sure you capture the attention of your audience in a professional and unique way.
  3. They also provide an easy way to plan your content ahead of time, as you need to know the main content topics you want to cover before preparing the templates.

Designing templates for social media has become a very popular service amongst my clients and it’s something that I truly enjoy working on. So here are 5 easy tips to use social media templates for your business:

1. Start with a clear strategy

Using beautiful social media templates is not about only looks, the ultimate goal should be to create brand awareness so that your audience can get familiar with your business.

Start by defining why you are using a specific platform, the content you want to share and why you want to share it. Think about the ultimate results you want to accomplish and go from there.

2. Consistency, consistency, consistency

Did I mention consistency? People love the feeling of seeing something familiar, it helps create a relationship between your customers and your brand. When using social media templates make sure you are posting the same design and style on every platform.

Also, remember to use the same colors, fonts, and overall aesthetic that matches your brand style. Don’t be scare to play with different filters for the photos you choose, or even focusing on a specific composition.

3. Use the right tools for you

There are many tools to create beautiful and effective templates that you can use, but not all of them might be the right fit.

When working with clients on their designs, what I always find out first is which platform are they most familiar with. It’s important that this process is as smooth as possible since using social media templates should be about saving time, not creating more work for you or your team.

If you are familiar with Photoshop or Illustrator, then use these programs. But if you prefer something a bit more user-friendly that doesn’t require learning a completely new platform, then Canva is the best option.

Final thoughts

Using social media templates for your business can completely change the way you interact with your audience and how your brand is perceived. Creating a professional style is how your business grows, so don’t forget to carry this to each platform that you use.

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