Making your own Rules: following your own path starting today

Making your own rules: following your own path starting today

In a world where trends come and go faster than ever before, making your own rules and following your own path in your business has become more difficult.

Not to blame it on social media… well, at least not only on social media, but the fact that we now have almost complete access to everyone’s success stories, daily practices, and habits makes it more likely for us to judge and compare our own journeys.

Talking about small business owners in particular, the fact that you can compare your work with other creatives in your field by simply checking their Instagram accounts or seeing the number of followers and relating that with a success rate is not helping at all in motivating you to try your own thing.

When you see a business owner who in your eyes is successful, it’s completely normal to feel compelled to do exactly what they are doing. If they have a blog, you should have a blog…if they are on every single social media platform, you should as well…if they swear by that online course, then you should enroll…the list goes on and on.

What’s the problem with this you may ask? Well, that it’s more likely that the results they got from all of that will be completely different from yours. We are all so different, which is why it’s impossible that by following the exact same path we will all get the same outcome.

There are many different factors that success depends on – opportunity, preparation, specific circumstances in life – that it’s not fair to attribute that to a unique process.

That’s why all those courses that promise you will get ‘10,000 followers in one month’ or ‘double your monthly income’ just by following their recipe for success are not a good idea.

While there is nothing wrong with trying the advice you get from others in your field or of people you trust, forcing yourself to do something just because it’s working for someone you admire is not the only thing that you should be investing your energy in.

So what should you do instead? How can you make sure you are following your own path?

01. Stop unhealthy comparison

Yes, I do believe that healthy comparison exists. The one that motivates you to do better, to try something new, and to keep going. But there’s also an unhealthy comparison.

There’s a quote I love that says ‘don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle’ which basically sums this up. You may admire someone so much and compare yourself all the time to them, but that’s just really not fair. You don’t know what place in their business journey they are in, how long it has taken them to be there or what they have been through.

02. Try, but then decide

Like I said before, there’s nothing wrong with trying what has worked for others, but don’t just do it for the sake of it. Do it because it actually works for you in the long run.

03. Don’t be scared to be different.

This is something that I constantly remind myself of. The desire to fit in is in our nature, to be relatable and accepted. Remember that standing out is also part of who we are.

Don’t be scared to do things your own way. Even if nobody else understands or relates to it. The fact that it works for you is enough.

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