When we talk about branding is very common to only think about logo design, colors, or print material, often forgetting about imagery. But choosing the right images for your business can make a huge impact on the way you connect with your audience. The saying ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ is completely right, […]

The importance of having a cohesive branding

Having a cohesive branding for your business can be an overwhelming task and it’s something that a lot of small business owners tend to postpone or consider a secondary task. So why is it important to have a consistent strategy across all channels? Let’s start with a quick exercise. Think about how you dress on […]

How to gather inspiration to create your own brand mood board

A big part of the process I follow when working with a client on their brand visuals is gathering inspiration. As you may remember from this post, I always invite my clients to a Pinterest board where they can pin inspiration that reflects the aesthetic of their brands. Not only is this helpful to ensure […]

20 Places where you can use your logo to make an impact

After finally getting that beautiful logo design to grow your brand an stand out from the crowd comes the big question: What are some places to use your logo? Whether you are a small business owner or blogger, now is the time to maximize your brand exposure. From all the branding elements you can have […]

5 Reasons to invest in a professional logo design for your brand

We’ve talked before about the importance of working with a graphic designer for your branding and website needs. Today let’s focus on that one piece of branding that is the most seen: the logo design. A logo can be in my experience what attracts or scares away potential buyers and even readers from a website. It […]



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