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Branding Essentials you Need to Grow your Business


Whether you are starting your business or have been around for a while, having the right branding essentials can be a game-changer. It is the way you can make sure you are projecting the right image that will help your customers connect with your brand.

But branding your business means that you not only have a beautiful logo and colors to create a consistent style for your business, you also need to have different elements to communicate that across all channels. This ultimately helps run your business with confidence.

Let’s take a look at the 10 branding essentials you need to grow your business.

1. Brand Strategy

Branding always starts with a clear strategy. Getting to know your business inside out, as well as who you are serving is key to be able to represent this later on with a compelling visual strategy.

This will also help you to create content that you will know your audience will love, creating a long-lasting connection with them.

2. Mission and Vision

Knowing why you’re in business, why you do what you do, goes beyond just feeling motivated to get up in the mornings and keep pursuing your dreams. It is also about how you communicate this with your audience so that they can relate to you and your business.
Your mission and vision are essential components of effective branding. Knowing this means that you know what your business stands for, you know the value that you add to your customers, and you can convey that in a clear way.

3. Brand Voice

The way you communicate with your audience matters as this will help them shape the image they have of your business, which can lead them to come back and follow your content, or just turn around and say goodbye.

Think about your business as a person – is it friendly, confident, professional? How does it say hello and goodbye? How does it share ideas? This will help you define a brand voice and carry it throughout each piece of content you produce.

4. Color Palette

One of my favorite parts of creating branding for my clients is choosing a color palette. Why? Because it’s all about the Psychology of Color.

Color has the power to influence how we feel and how we perceive a business in particular. It’s more than just having beautiful colors put together, it’s about conveying the right emotions and message about your business.

5. Professional Logo

While branding is more than just a logo, having a professional design is also important to grow your business. This is the one graphic element that will identify your brand and probably the one that you will be using the most, so it’s key to make sure it is unique, that it communicates your message, and that it’s professional above all.

This is why DIY practices don’t work so well here. Even if you may already have an idea of what you want your logo to be like, working with a graphic designer will help you have a polished result based on research.

6. Typography System

Just as with colors, choosing the right typography to use on print material, social media, and your website can change the way your business is perceived.

There are so many options, from classic to modern and bold, that choosing the right combination and being consistent with it will help you gain brand recognition.

7. Marketing Collateral

To be able to support your offer, you need to have the right marketing material. This will not only help you promote your services or products, but it will also help you effectively communicate your message.

What type of material can you get? The sky is the limit here! Business cards, thank you notes, letterhead, packaging, e-books, media kits, pricing guides, brochures, infographics, and catalogs to name a few.

8. Inviting Website

Even if you have a strong social media presence, you still need to have a website for your business. It’s the one place you can direct your customers to that you have full control over.

This also creates a professional image for your brand, a place where you can connect with your audience and convert visitors into loyal customers.

9. Social Media Presence

Having a strong social media presence goes beyond posting every day and hoping that generates sales for your business. It’s about using all of your branding elements and creating a consistent experience for your customers.

You can achieve this by using templates to make special announcements or making sure the photos you use have the same style and composition.

10. Brand Guidelines

When it comes to branding, everything comes down to being consistent. Consistent in the way you communicate with your audience, how you use your brand colors, the type of images you choose, to name a few. That’s where your brand guidelines come into play.

It’s the set of rules on how you will use all of your branding assets across different channels, to make sure you remain…you guessed it…consistent! This is something that I love to create for my branding clients when we complete their projects. A brand guidelines document can make everything easier when it comes to creating content for your business, as well as putting these branding essentials together.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, branding is more than just having beautiful graphics. While it might seem overwhelming, having these branding essentials can not only help you grow your business but also give you the confidence you need knowing that it will allow you to connect with your audience.

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