How to gather inspiration to create your own brand mood board

How to gather inspiration to create your own brand mood board

A big part of the process I follow when working with a client on their brand visuals is gathering inspiration. As you may remember from this post, I always invite my clients to a Pinterest board where they can pin inspiration that reflects the aesthetic of their brands. Not only is this helpful to ensure we are on the same page for the design, it also helps when it’s time to create a brand mood board.

What is a brand mood board and why is it important to create one first? Well, a brand mood board is a combination of images, colors, textures and even typography, often used by designers and creatives as a first step for a project. This helps to get a visual idea of the style to follow when it’s time to design.

It’s a guide that you can follow whenever you need to create something for your brand. This is not only for design purposes, it can even be used for product creation.

While this is such a fun part of the process, sometimes it might be tricky to know where to start. Let’s talk about some of the ways you can gather inspiration for your brand mood board.

01. Choose a color palette

While you can just start searching for images that reflect the style of your brand, the very first step is to choose a color palette.

This will make everything easier when it’s time to put together your mood board. You can use a tool such as Design Seeds to find those colors that blend well together, keeping in mind your audience and what you wish to communicate.

02. Use different keywords

Finding the right images can be tricky, especially with all the amazing content you can find on platforms such as Pinterest.

Making a list of specific keywords will make things faster. You don’t have to only think about what your brand is about, you can choose fashion, decor, food, flowers, anything that can create a cohesive style for your brand.

You can also use your color palette as keywords when searching for images.

03. Focus on your brand style

The one thing that I always tell my clients when it’s time to gather inspiration for their brand visuals is to have in mind their business style, not just their personal style.

You might love bright colors in your daily life, but you may have a brand that requires soft hues to reach your ideal audience. That’s why defining your target market and brand style is so important.

When choosing inspiration for your graphics always have in mind what your clients or customers need.

04. Get creative with the images

If you are going to create a mood board, whether that’s physical or using your computer, get creative with the images by zooming in, turning them upside down or even choosing only specific details from them.

This will give you more options because even if you don’t like the complete image but do find something interested in it, you can still use it.

05. Mix and match

Don’t be scared to mix and match different patterns and textures, this is what makes it more interesting when you are creating your brand inspiration board.

You can even add text to your final mood board with quotes that inspire your brand style.

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