5 Ways to keep your brand cohesive on social media

Let me ask you something, where does the majority of your website traffic come from? I’ll bet your answer is probably from social media. Using different social media channels such as Instagram or Pinterest has become a key part of every business owner and blogger growth strategy. From interacting with your followers to posting relevant content, you probably already know how to keep your audience engaged.

But what about keeping your brand cohesive on social media? Incorporating your brand elements in every social media channel can make a huge difference in the way your brand is perceived. By doing this you are showing the world that you are serious and professional so that your audience can get familiar with what you do faster.

So where should you start? Let’s talk about 5 ways to keep your brand cohesive on social media.

01. Choose a Color Palette

An essential part of any branding is the color palette. Not only is this important for your logo and other elements of your visual identity, but also for your social media.

By choosing a color palette you can easily create consistency throughout your profiles. From using your brand colors for backgrounds to the details on the images your share.

02. Create an Images Guide

With all the amazing sites to buy stock images or if you are taking your own photos, creating an images guide can make things easier for you. What type of content are you planning on sharing? Are you using flat lays? Do you prefer a white background? What type of props do you like the most?

The answers to these questions will help you incorporate your brand style to your visual elements, which is extremely useful for keeping your brand cohesive on social media, especially Instagram.

03. Use your Logo

We’ve talked before about those places to use your logo design to make an impact and one of them is for sure your social media.

You can add it to your blog post graphics which can be shared on Pinterest, as a watermark for your Instagram posts and for your Facebook and Twitter Covers.

04. Choose one Profile Image

If you have a different profile image for each platform it might be confusing for your audience. Choose one photo and stick to it.

While using your logo is important, I recommend you use a photo of your lovely self if you are not a big company. This is easier to relate to and it will help you develop a brand voice as well.

05. Find your Brand Voice

Sharing on social media can be a bit complicated. Should you be professional or friendly? Share about your day or all about your business? What tone should you use? This is where a brand strategy comes in handy.

Think about your mission, values, target audience and brand persona. This will help you know exactly how you should write in your social media posts.

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