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Do you often feel confused about what to post on Instagram? Would you like to have a cohesive style for your social media and print material? How about having everything organized to save time and resources? If you answered yes to these questions, then this is for you. As you may have guessed by the […]

Welcome to the new Studio Mer. If you follow me on Instagram you may already know about the recent changes that have been going on around here. A few weeks ago I made the decision to completely rebrand my business, including changing the name from Fashiony Fab. While the change happened very quickly, it’s something […]

If you are a small business owner you know the importance of having the right tools that can help you run it as smoothly as possible. While experimenting with all the options available out there, it’s also key that you don’t spend too much time or money doing this. Throughout my freelance years, I’ve tested […]

In a world where trends come and go faster than ever before, making your own rules and following your own path in your business has become more difficult. Not to blame it on social media… well, at least not only on social media, but the fact that we now have almost complete access to everyone’s […]

For the last few years, the number of online courses offered by small business owners has increased. It’s exciting to see that creatives from different niches are willing to share their knowledge with their peers, which is a big tool for both those who are just starting out and for those who have been around […]

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